Vincent Ringuette

Motocross / Freestyle

Nickname I don’t have one
From New Brunswick, Canada
Born November 11, 1999
First Ride Suzuki 50cc
Current Ride Yamaha YZ 250F
Favorite Food Steak
Favorite Quote Motocross is a contact sport, see you in the first corner, bones heal, pain is temporary and glory is forever.



Junior Champion


Super Mini Champion

Personal Preferences

Favorite Riding Location River Glade MX Park

Why I Ride I ride because its super hard work, it’s extremely physically and mentally challenging. I don’t only ride because it’s fun, I ride because I truly love it. Motocross is a individual sport which allows us to vent. Although it’s an individual sport, outside the track we are all a big family. Motocross is a life style, drop a gear and disappear!

Vincent’s Top Picks

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