Tyson Knelsen


Nickname TK
Residing In Alberta, Canada
Born May 7, 1994
First Ride KTM SX85
Current Ride Kawasaki KXF450
Favorite Food Turkey Dinner
Favorite Quote If you allow the obstacles to shift your motivation from your heart to your mind then you have failed. For it was not your heart that was made to make sense of this world, but to recreate it.



Received CMRC Professional Status
5th overall MX1 Intermediate
2nd overall MX2 Intermediate
4th overall ProAm in the ADRA Provincial Series


5th overall MX2 Intermediate
3rd overall Youth in the ADRA Provincial Series

Personal Preferences

Favorite Riding Location 3 Palms Motocross Park

Why I Ride Ultimate sense of freedom and focus, where you see the true result of the level of success based off of how hard you work.

Tyson’s Top Picks

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