Brent Schwalm

Pro FMX Rider

Nickname Rocky
Residing In Myerstown

Born Oct. 21st 1982
First Ride 1992 Honda Cr 100
Current Ride 2014 Yamaha yz 250
Favorite Food sushi
Favorite Quote “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”


Riding fmx for the past 12 yrs
Toured for USFMX  and monster jam for several years.
2014 toured in Sapporo Japan.
Since 2008 rode events for Thorne FMX
since 2004 rode for ECX FMX.

Personal Preferences

Favorite Riding Location: Home
Why I Ride: Purpose and destiny
Shoutout: Elite industries, riders of the ride , in the blood tattoo, US FMX, spy optic, fast forever kids
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