Mind Over Matter

There are individuals that stand out above the rest. They have a special DNA that gives them the ability to overcome extreme adversity in the midst of intense pressure. A mindset that is focused, driven, determined and relentless. A hunger for success that is driven by a desire to be the best. These are the Elite, and they are why we exist!

Our heartbeat has one purpose, to bring you the most innovative, functional, comfortable and durable gear on the planet. We work day and night developing and testing new technologies that give our riders the competitive edge!

Elite was established in 2014 as a clothing brand in the actions sports world. As we quickly grew we began to evolve into the next level of things and spent the next two years developing and perfecting our Motocross Gear. We have big plans for the future and continue to pursuit our desire of being a Global leader in actions sports gear and apparel.